D.ream decided to carry out its Zuma Project, as a part of the globally renown Zuma restaurant chain, on a 1100 m2 lot, at IstinyePark and the application and construction phases of the project were undertaken by YOO Architecture. During this operation, YOO Architecture provided coordination between numerous parties involved in the project, including the design firm: Studio Glitt, Zuma’s global headquarter, D.ream and the manufacturers in Turkey. Following the exploratory studies, the building surveys and plans were prepared, upon which a workshop was held with the Studio Glitt. The materials to be used during the project were collectively decided on this workshop period, after carefully evaluating various samples from Turkey and abroad.

Carving granite, which is made by grinding a kind of Indian granite, proved essential in thoroughly reflecting the venue’s characteristics. The fact that this material is produced only in China, and there is no substitute for it in Turkey, created a considerable challenge for the supply of this critical material and the prompt completion of the project. To circumvent this impediment, our engineers executed an intense R&D work for an almost-7/24 work-shifts for a month, and consequently designed an equipment that allowed the user to successfully conduct the sanding procedure through advanced sanding machines, CNC technology and sand-recycle systems, instead of the time-consuming and labour-intensive manual work traditionally used for this purpose.


Stone columns of granite blocks were broken down into smaller pieces through the blasting method, went through the static process, and were installed by master craftsmen from Spain. Briefly, A large variey type of natural stones were used in the project and when these are gathered all, it is possible to cover PISA Tower as well.

Furthermore, carefully following the instructions of the designer, the tables of the venue were manufactured from a particular wood of a tree that only grows in Thailand. The material used for the manufacturing of the wooden sitting units, the DJ cabin, common tables, and the reception desk were imported from Africa. Addiyionally, ceiling cover was covered as oak tree and it is possible to built Myanmar Bridge when the all woods are gathered.

The stone material for the sinks was decided to be supplied from Bucak after detailed evaluation of other options from all around Turkey. 3-6 metres long green timber bamboos were imported to Turkey for the construction of Zuma’s walls. Initially left in their green timber form, the bamboos dwelt at the venue and, in time, assumed their actual colour.


The two wine cellars at the venue have two purposes: the display and the storage of the wines. For the latter, the cellar shall constantly maintain a certain room temperature. The necessary technology for the flawless performance for both ends was set up for the 3.000-bottles-capacity wine cellar that is constructed by using solely glass and profile.

The lighting has been an essential component in creating the ambience of Zuma; hence, special lenses for this purpose were installed accordingly. A team consisting of a lighting designer, an automation expert, an electrical engineer and architects was assigned and worked on this aspect of the project.

All construction works, such as deconstruction, kitchen construction, furniture and material acquisition were carried out by YOO Architecture. The project was promptly and faultlessly delivered to Zuma Restaurant after a multifaceted operation which involved gathering teams in different countries, coordinating them, exploring new manufacturing processes, seeking various raw materials in the nature, and long and challenging R&D phases.

At the end, we had lots of team-mate that could team-up 40 football team and totally we have 90.000 man-hour working performance, spent 7 days in nature and organised 240 hour workshop and the project hand overed after 3.600 hour. We are most content to fulfil our part in achieving the dreams envisaged for Zuma, which is conceptualized to provide its guests a magical milieu beyond a venue.