“Despite having crazy days and uncertain future for the whole world, we do not want to lose our hope of having amazing days again. So that, let’s talk business again. .

YOO architecture and sister company Arcoglobal has been awarded to built two Japanese F&B spots in Washington DC just one block away to the White House. While Shoto will be a proper Japanese restaurant with bar, Sushi counter and Robata - open fire Japanese grill, Akedo has a Japanese fast food upfront and speakeasy club which has a secret entrance from fast food - if you know the code the vending machine in the middle will be opened and get you in. Both of them designed by Studio Glitt who is the designer of all Zuma, Roka and other luxury Japanese F&B brands. While mainly finish materials are manufactured in Dubai, Genuine Japanese decorative objects are purchased from Japan, all installation will be done by our crew.


Being located in DC, coordinated from our main office in Istanbul with Dubai based millworker and having Tokyo based designer, makes sun never goes down on our online meetings. :)
We have always sun therefore we are being more global. If you come to DC this September you can make your night colourful starting with nice dinner than hanging out with best DJs of the town lastly some snack bites at fast food to relax your stomach after too much alcohol.

The building is just like giving birth, but if you blend a visionary owner, a perfect spot in the city, a passionate designer, a most experienced execution team, you will be sure that after these babies born, DC will never be the same again."